It has been over 45 years now since the Equal Rights Act has been presented, 45 years after the deadline, only 36 states have ratified it out of the 38 necessary to pass the act. The U.S, out of all possible countries, does not have equal rights for men and women! And still, they delay this act! Many people want their voices heard, they want EQUALITY! Why do men not have to fight for their rights, while women have to? If women were really given the rights we are born yet stripped from, we would have less poverty. Woman make 68 cents for every dollar a man makes, and that rate lowers to at least 48 cents! In the U.S, woman have to work about 40 extra days to make as much as their male counter-parts, 40!!! And according to a United Nation's Survey said that women worldwide make 77% of what male's make. According to the National Women's Law Center, African American women have to work 19 MONTHS to make what a white man makes in 1 YEAR.

Another point, shouldn't woman be majority of the government? We are 51% of the population, yet are underrepresented in Congress, with only 20% being women. In reports, it states women only compromise of 30% of workers in big tech firms like:

As soon as some dumb law or person tells you, that you can't do something, they are telling you how to live your life, and in America we have the right to live our lives the way we want... but how will we ever get anything we want when we are unrepresented in government, and apparentley no-one really cares about this law if it still hasn't been passed. Just remember that, you can do anything just as well as anyone, or maybe even better, as long as you set that goal, beleive in it, and work for it.